Car Diagnostics in Moorhead, MN

When the check engine light comes on in your car or truck, you need the help of an expert diagnostic team to get to the heart of the problem. The car diagnostic professionals at Valley Alignment and Repair are here to keep Moorhead, MN drivers on the road. Whether it’s a small problem or a big one, our expert techs can catch it, to ensure your car stays in road-ready condition.

Car Diagnostics

Computer Car Diagnostics

As Moorhead, MN’s car diagnostic experts, we’re able to catch small problems before they turn into big ones. If you’ve noticed your car’s check engine light come on, you should never take a wait and see approach and hope that the issue goes away. This handy light is your car’s way of telling you that the onboard computer detects a problem.

Our skilled diagnostic techs identify the cause of any issues, running advanced tests quickly and reducing the amount of time your car’s in the shop. State-of-the-art equipment provides accurate results and can read any and all error codes. Bring your car in and we’ll diagnose the following errors:

  • Check engine light service
  • Check oil light service
  • Console errors
  • Electronic errors

Electrical Repair

Our experienced maintenance techs can handle any electrical repair your car or truck may need. Whether it’s a problem with an alternator, the battery or the starter, we have a deep understanding of how these components work together to ensure your car’s ready to run exactly when you need it to.

Technical Experts on Your Side

At Valley Alignment and Repair, we have the technical expertise and experience to accurately diagnose problems detected by your car’s computer, as well as any electrical system issues. We work quickly, efficiently and always with an eye for saving you money, catching small problems before they turn into something bigger. Contact us today at 218-233-6208 to schedule service for car diagnostics, truck repair, wheel alignments, and more!